Libby Markl

Foot Reflexology 
Thai Reflexology
Mu-Xing Reflexology
A non-invasive method of bodywork used for relieving stress, improving blood supply and lymphatic drainage and helping one
 achieve relaxation.
This involves the Reflexologist working on both feet completely using their thumbs and fingers to compress and release the reflex areas that correspond to organs, tissues, glands and all parts of your body.
The goal of Reflexology is to restore balance and harmony, reduce anxiety, enjoy a deeper sleep and support the body's healing
 process naturally.
Lower leg massage and Reiki treatment may be added for even more relaxation and holistic healing.
Come nurture and rejuvenate yourself with a relaxing treatment
by Libby.

Foot Reflexology $60.
-with salt or sugar scrub $65
Mu-Xing Reflexology $65
Thai Reflexology  $75