Jodi Collins

"The therapeutic value of an informed, compassionate touch cannot be measured."

Jodi is a dynamic healer who brings extensive experience in both
Western, anatomical based work and Eastern energy work to the treatment table. 
She is a certified myoskeletal alignment therapist through the
 Freedom from Pain Institute, drawing on over 1200 hours of education
 in massage and manual therapy techniques.  In addition to this,
 Jodi has over ten years of experience as a Reiki practitioner and teacher. 
She has spent a great deal of time working with the chakras,
and has also studied shamanic work.  Jodi's passion as a healer is to
 treat clients holistically, drawing on knowledge, experience
 and intuition to provide an  individualized healing experience. 

60 Minutes:  $80;  90 Minutes:  $105;
*30 Minute sessions are available for maintenance work for clients with structural issues who require a greater frequency of appts.

Therapeutic Massage
Chakra Assessment and Balancing
Intuitive Healing
Spiritual Counseling
Reiki Classes

302 229 8239