Alexis  Brown

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Relationship Coach
Wholistic Kinesiologist
Aroma Touch Technique
Money Matrix Series
Theta Healer - DNA 1, DNA 2,
Intuitive Anatomy

is initially pursued a career in the field of Medical Science as a Histologist. Fascinated with innovative scientific research on the mind/body connection, she developed a life-long passion for examining how subconscious beliefs profoundly affect the physical body, behavioral patterns and overall quality of life. She graduated from Coach U in 2002 as a life coach. In 2008 she began her EFT practice and soon found her practice focusing on relationship and money issues. EFT is an Energy Psychology modality that gently and swiftly releases negative and traumatic events that are frozen in time in the mind-body system. In 2012 she began her studies in Wholistic Kinesiology, interning with Dr. J. Dunn. Wholistic Kinesiology is the art and science of neuromuscular evaluation to guide us as to where you are holding toxins in your organs and systems, and which modalities are best suited for your health. Alexis also uses Kinesiology to test which essential oils are best suited for your specific Aroma Touch Session.
As a dedicated and sought after Healer, Alexis brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and passion to her field by blending all modalities. Her Money Matrix Series has transformed people's lives. Her motto is, "Work with me and Live the Difference Now!"
Relationship Coach
60 Minutes EFT Session - $125.00
90 Minutes includes Aroma Touch - $175.00
Our organs and systems hold negative emotions as toxins. Aroma Touch begins to quickly
remove these toxins leaving you immediately feeling lighter and refreshed.

Wholistic Kinesiology
60 minutes includes EFT - $125.00
90 minutes includes EFT, and Aromatouch - $175.00

Aroma Touch Technique
60 minutes includes Kinesiology testing for toxins, and then specific oils needed - $125.00
90 minutes includes Kinesiology testing for toxins, and EFT for emotional stress - $175.00

Money Matrix Series
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